Monday, March 05, 2007

Why? なぜなの?

It seems to me that in life you'll always want what you can't have and what you don't want will inevitably come to you. Is it because the grass always seems greener on the other side? Or is it because it's part of human nature to always want something better; to reach higher?

I can never be satisfied with what I have it seems, be it something in material form or something intangible. The result is utter disappointment or disgust with myself when I can't attain what I set out to achieve. Or maybe I just set my sights a bit too high?


みんないるかい? 星をめざして
君に導かれ 歌いながら

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The year is 2007! That means I'll be 20 this year! No more '1' in front! Wow... I feel old. Haha...

But on a more serious tone though, what does it mean to grow up? Does that only mean to grow physically? A little while back it always meant being independent of my parents, earning my own living and having a family of my own. However, I've come to realise it is not at all as straight-forward as that.

Each year our "age" increases by 1 and that's definitely not all to it. Each "1" is more significant than we think, cos that 1 equates to 365 days; 8,760 hours; 525,600 minutes; or 31,536,000 seconds! Each and every second we breathe; we see, smell, touch and taste, and each action on its own is significant. With each passing second, our actions become a part of our past and can never be taken back again, but collectively what we are left with is thing called 'experience'.

Experience, smexperience... no big deal, right? Wrong. Experience serves as a reference to us, so that we may better decide on the actions we take. As a most basic example, a child who accidentally touches a kettle of hot water will know not to touch a hot kettle in future. Another example which we might better relate to is if we happen to say something which hurt another person, we know better not to say it in future. We can safely conclude that experience = knowing right from wrong. I suppose that is why employers value employees with experience so much.

The reason I'm writing this is because this year my sister has come over for college. The many things that she had taken for granted and had never done at home she is now forced to do out of necessity. I was just thinking about how she is going through the experiences I had gone through many years ago only now. It goes to show that everyone experiences almost the same things at different points of their lives, but the crux of it is not when the experience is had, but that they have the experience at all.

Added up these experiences help us along the journey to adulthood. i.e. growing up. This essentially what growing up is all about. To me this means to care more for others and act sensibly, because as with each second gone, the things we say and do can never be taken back.

This brings me to my resolutions for this year:



At 20 my journey towards adulthood has not ended, it has only begun. At this point the future still looks unclear to me but from this moment on I shall strive so that the 'me' of each second will be better than the last. I will not say goodbye to the 'me' of 2006, but rather to the 'me' of the second before.



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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Exams suck BIG TIME... at least I'm halfway done... only Engineering Structures and Computing left... Ganbare! ファイト〜!

Last weekend was Northbridge Festival! Missed it last year but went last Saturday cos See Mee so kindly invited me, even though my first paper was on Monday!! But I have to say it was the most fun I've had in ages! My fave by far was the pole-dancing show, it was hot! I wish I could do that... =P Testing out the new photobucket browser thingy...

Had an awesome time today too. Managed to do my laundry and clean my room before 11:00am and went for lunch at HK BBQ with Jenny and Julian. Bumped into Adeline at Northbridge; haven't seen that girl in ages! Got ALL the grocery shopping today! The butcher, oriental shops, Subi market and Woolies! Went to the Japon shop... I WANT A YUKATA!!! *cries* I'll be back for it!! Lol... Subi sure has a lot of stuff... gonna make sure I shop there once exams are over. Gosh, I must have spent almost $100 on groceries alone today >_< here. My personal fave song from her is Precious and PV is Stuck on you.

Gotta study now...

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Again, I'm gonna start the post by saying it's been more than 2 weeks since my last post. =P

So much has happened since my last post I really don't know where to begin... trying to recall the chronological order... nvm, gonna just gonna forget about the order... lol

Sem 2 has ended! I can't believe it! My 1st year at uni is gonna be over!! Wow... time flies so fast it's scary... Now all that's left is the exams... been trying to study and that's why I've been trying to abstain from blogging... but finally had to give in to the itch... lol...


On the last day of uni, I went out with Sarah after work... and it was crazy! We went from Maya Masala to Formosa to Fast Eddy's! We seemed to keep talking and talking... And I didn't get home till 1 something... which is quite crazy cos I just went to uni then spent the whole day at work... I wonder where I get the energy from... xD 自分が言うなよ!Lol...

Oh yeah... it was Susan's birthday on the 19th I think... and we went to Fast Eddy's (again) for her dinner celebration... Was kinda last minute but it turned out perfect! バッチリだった!And we took tons of photos.....

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Last Sunday there was a boat festival going on at East Perth! Decided to go, since Reen was working there and it was a good excuse for me to get out of the house! There were a lot of food, music, people...... and FLIES!!! Haha.... it was really fun if not for the heat and the flies. Check out the fruit crush sticks.... Yummilicious...

That night we got take-away sushi from Matsuri... unagi roll and spicy roll.... which were both really good!! But kinda expensive too... but what to do.. it's nice food...

Sometime last week while I was chatting with the Tachibananas there were fireworks!!! HANABI~~~!!! *_* I took too many photos so only selected a few to upload...

I haven't chatted with the Tachibananas in a long time... but we went crazy spamming the hideout! xD I wonder if the admins will close down the hideout xD 1044 posts??? That's MAD... but congrats!!! WE DID IT!! バカかな、私たち?Speaking of Tachibananas.... KEITA TACHIBANA's GONNA RELEASE HIS 1st SOLO ALBUM!!! Wheeeee~~~~!

Oh yeah.... I've got accounts at Tagged, Facebook and MSN Space now... ADD ME!! xD

I LOVE BENNIE K!!! *_* I dunno what it is about the songs that I like so much... but their new mini album, The BENNIE K Show 2, ROCKS!!! GO DL IT ---->CLICK ME!!!!

ayaka has released her 1st album!!! GO LISTEN!!!! NOW!!

I don't like BoA much now but I like her new single Winter Love. It kinda reminds me of Koda Kumi's flower...

Finished watching Meine Liebe and Meine Liebe Weider as well.... it's pretty good I guess... quite educational xD But anyways, Orpherus is yummy... xDDD

I finally did something with my phone.... changed the wallpaper and ringtones and also downloaded Puzzle Bobble!! xD It's quite addictive too! Only reached level 19 I think. ^_^;;

And speaking of games.... there's a Dragonzakura game online!!! It tests ur kanji skills... basically a kanji flash card game... this again is quite addictive cos I kept retrying until I got rank A. Or maybe I'm just obstinate. LMAO... PLAY!

And FINALLY.... some shameless plugging... I've finished my RITSUKA X SOUBI pic... and am quite damn proud of it too!! Experimented a lot with the tablet... I won't put up a preview of it but the link... ABSOLUTELY DON'T click on it unless you are really open-minded or accept guy X guy relationships...


I really wanna draw for Comic Fiesta... I definitely want more publicity... but I have no time... studies first... *sigh* I wanna draw so many other things too!! Orpherus, Kingdom Hearts... etc...

So many problems around lately... especially for Penny & Charlene... aw.. I wish I could do something for them... cheer up gals! *hugssssss* 元気出して!がんばって!GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE DOING EXAMS TOO!!

04/11 Callie
06/11 Sing Jiat
08/11 William
14/11 Amy

Ok, I'll be going out with See Mee and Jac now..

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Wow... It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post!! Hmm... been too busy with assignments... *sigh* I feel so anti-social again... studying and dieting is the way to go if u wanna ruin your social life...

Gotta rack my brain to recall what has happened in the span of these 2 weeks. All I can recall is that I've been rushing assignments... staying till late in uni... and the walk to the car bugged me out... But at least I finally managed to finish the assignments...

Oh yeah! Mooncake festival!! Was kinda sad, since I didn't actually EAT any mooncake! Haha... I actually played with the lanterns in MY ROOM all alone... 情けないな...But I must have been nuts to play with fire in my room! 危険なマネをすんじゃない!Anyways, some nice pics!

Just 2 for now. Might add more later.

Hmm was the day that Chibi's problems started as well... *sigh* What can I say? Lodgians.... no wonder we give outsiders such a bad impression. 気にすんな、チビ。ネちゃんがいつまでもそばにいてあげるから。絶対に守ってやるね。来年をとてもお楽しみで〜すう!あの組の連中は放っとけばいい。

Aw... I miss home... didn't feel like that last year but that's cos I haven't been home all year!! *sigh* Time needs to pass faster.

Sent a message to Keita on his blog!!! Mwehehehe.... Wonder what he'll think of it. =P I'm gonna swipe some emoticons from there... *evil laugh*

Oh yeah, it was ZX's father's birthday last Friday and we celebrated for him on Wednesday at his house. It was quite the spread too... I spent almost an hour hunting for a cake after business hours too... Hehe... A pic...

I entered the UEC Logo Design Comp! First prize is $350! Hoping to make a quick buck there... Hehe... Runner-up will do too... $50... Money is money. =P

Went to Borders today... I LOVE going there... but I dropped my cup of Mocha!!! *cries* Dunno what's wrong with me today... I keep dropping stuff! Even the chair during my ENDP meeting... how embarassing... 恥ずかしいな... I ended up buying 3 books: a cheesecake recipe book, Japanese design book and the latest Artemis Fowl installment, with vouchers of course. xD Speaking of good buys, I finally bought the cardigan from Sportsgirl! It was originally $30 and I got it for $14!!! Score~!!! ^_^

Uwah... getting late... better go to sleep now... don't wanna miss class! >_<

BTW! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST GODMA~!!! So so sorry that I forgot on the day itself! My bad... I have a tendency to do that these days... *sigh* Be sure to check your mailbox! Hehe...

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Feel like ranting... =_=

Almost 2 weeks and I'm still not fully recovered. Gah. It's no wonder too...

Today has to be the longest day of uni ever! I arrived at uni at 7 plus and only left 12 hours later! I must have covered the entire area of the uni at least 4 times today... in heels no less (again!). When will I learn?? 本当にバカだ!

Today has been all group meetings and working on assignments and I didn't even have a chance to eat anything till 4:00pm. And I still have a long way to go with assignments! *sigh* Felt so sick by the end of it that during the Spring Feast I didn't have any appetite to eat anything... Invited Yumi to the Spring Feast... Hope that at least she had fun. I mean it was fun meeting all my friends there but I just wasn't into it... no energy left in me. There were lots of stalls though and quite a lot of interesting things. The JAPSSOC stall kinda disappointed me though, only yakisoba and miso soup! There was a stall in front that did a lot better than that. >_< Bought some food for Julian & Reen though. Visited Yumi's place for the first time. The area was kinda scary, but at least her room looked cosy. After that was Johnson's place. Gave Julian the food and I had soup for dinner there. Finally, I made my way slowly home...やっと。

On a happier note... I went to see the Sub Dean today and she APPROVED my application for a Diploma in Modern Languages! I can finally continue my Jap!!! WAHAHAHA~!! *is over the moon* BUT WAIT! I gotta wait for them to actually OFFER me a place first... too soon to be happy. *prays hard* It was quite a bit of effort but if I get it in the end it will all be worth it! Mwehehe... ^_^ *ニコニコ*

Death Note is out!!! I'ma gonna download it~~~! Downloading the new anime D.Gray-man... looks cool! The opening song is by Takanori Nishikawa (TMR)! Ooo...

I'm lazy so not gonna put up anything interesting.... =P

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Hey hey~! O-hisashiburi~!! 久しブリブリ!

Been a week since my last post cos I was too sick & stressed the whole week... Luckily I'm almost recovered now...

Been given another assignment this week, so that makes a grand total of 3 large assignments due this month now. >_< 死ぬ... Exam timetables are out too... and mine sucks... a lot. I have a week in between papers!!! I'll be too restless by then!!! But that means I won't be able to update much from now...

Created an account at Video Ezy and rented a couple of movies. I got She's The Man and it's great! It was hilarious! I really enjoyed it except for the million times that we had to eject and replay the thing cos the stupid DVD player was acting up again...

Went to Perth Royal Show yesterday with Yumi, Ros, Khai, Ying & her sis! This year's guest nation is Japan!!! Woohoo~ It didn't really turn out the way I hoped it would but we managed to have fun anyways... I won a dice too~~ We went to the Japan Pavillion and at lunch there! 美味しい〜!Basically covered the whole showgrounds cos we spent 8 hours there!! And I was stupid enough to wear heels too! >_< What was I thinking??! I'm too tired to put up pics now and the internet is really slow today... next post maybe.

Found a new shounen-ai anime: Angels Feather

It's a 2-chapter OVA, and the story's a bit confusing all round but it all clears up at the end. But that aside I like the art a lot and I like the seiyuu's voices, some familiar ones like Hikaru Midorikawa (as Rukawa Kaede Slam Dunk), Tatsuha Uesugi Gravitation), Kappei Yamaguchi (as Ryuichi Sakuma Gravitation), Hideo Ishikawa (as Auron FFX, Squall KHI&II) and Kazuhiko Inoue (as Kakashi Hatake Naruto, Yuki Eiri Gravitation, Tachibana no Tomomasa Harukanaru toki no naka de ~Hachiyoshou~). I needed some fresh shounen-ai anime anyways. From what I gather it's based on a game... but 2 episodes is too short! What happened after that????

Oh man.... my external hard disk adapter blew... I think?

Btw, Happy Birthday to Ying Ying & Bryan H'ng!!! *hugs*

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